With over three decades of existence in the field, Al-maha has gained experience and knowledge that have enabled us to lead the market and set our footprint as industry leaders. our headquarters are strategically located in the heart of the Middle-East, one of the business hubs of the world, Dubai.

Through the years we have established a vast network of clients, ranging through Far-East, ME and Africa.

Our team of professionals is well equipped with knowledge and the "Know how" putting us right at the top of our competitors.

Al-Maha is the  Exclusive distributor of KYB (Iraq). We have also established our own brands "MAHASTRONG' & "SAMAPOWER' which have gained wide popularity in the region due to its high quality and competitive price, adding the R&D efforts to keep up the innovation in our products and stay in the leading position of the market.


To be a Dynamic, Innovative and Profitable Global Automotive Organization for emerging as the Preferred Supplier and Employer, to Create Value for all Stakeholders.


Our mission is to be an automotive System Solution provider and Build a Brand recognized by vehicle manufacturers progressively all over the world, as an organization providing products and systems Unparalleled in Quality and Price.